the Cube Houseboat: a visionary creation at the intersection of maritime engineering and architectural finesse. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the Modernist movement and the brilliance of Le Corbusier, this floating marvel redefines the boundaries of aquatic living.

At its core, the Cube Houseboat stands as a testament to innovation and craftsmanship. Its Displacement Catamaran hull, characterized by asymmetry and convex tie-up, is forged from resilient Alloy Aluminum, serving as the bedrock for the striking superstructure. This cubic “house” is a fusion of alloy and reinforced glass, marrying strength with elegance in a seamless union.

This vessel boasts a single superstructure deck, the Fly Deck, accessed via external stairs, where the external Pilot Wheelhouse commands a commanding view of the surroundings. Here, a custom pool invites moments of serenity, while a sumptuous Commercial Jacuzzi graces the Main Bedroom, elevating indulgence to new heights.

Below the main deck, the Semi Hulls house machinery spaces, tanks, and chain lockers, meticulously organized for optimal functionality. The Stern area, accessible through a mechanical Stern Door or deck Hatches in the Cockpit, hosts Sea Toys storage and other vital machineries, ensuring that every aspect of this houseboat is designed with purpose.

The Bow Area, dedicated to mooring, provides access for guests through an external door, while the crew ascends via ladders from the Fly Deck. The vessel’s propulsion is driven by two propellers, each powered by a diesel engine through a reverse-reduction gearbox, promising a smooth and efficient voyage.

The Cube Houseboat transcends the conventional, offering a living experience that seamlessly blends architectural artistry with maritime engineering. Stay tuned as we embark on a journey through the extraordinary features and boundless possibilities of this exceptional creation. 

Novembre 15, 2023