Set sail into a new era of nautical luxury with the aStøne Motor Yacht. This extraordinary vessel represents the pinnacle of design innovation, combining cutting-edge technology with a profound commitment to aesthetic excellence. From its meticulously sculpted 3D form to its revolutionary SCULPTURE GARDEN COCKPIT™, every aspect of the aStøne Yacht is a testament to visionary thinking.

Crafted from robust steel with an aluminum superstructure, the aStøne Yacht boasts an impressive 499GT, ensuring both stability and security during long-haul voyages. The seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, marked by spacious volumes and striking architectural details, creates an unbroken dialogue between the yacht’s various environments. Here, barriers dissolve, allowing the natural surroundings to become an integral part of the experience.

Step aboard and discover an ambiance of refined opulence, achieved through a careful selection of premium, natural materials. Light-toned woods, textured stones, and rugged metals harmonize to create a warm, enveloping atmosphere that invites relaxation and indulgence.

The aStøne Motor Yacht is a triumph of design synergy, melding flawless modern aesthetics with the audacity of a courageous concept. It stands as a testament to the perfect equilibrium between form and function, promising an unparalleled journey across the open seas. Welcome to a new era of yachting excellence.

Novembre 17, 2023